Kayaking in winter: 4 tips for beginners

In winter, many people think they can no longer kayak, but, the truth is that with the right equipment, and with the right tips it is possible to have a pleasant kayak tour in winter.

Taking a kayak tour is very pleasant, and it’s something very common in the summer! However, kayaking in winter is also possible. It is an activity that brings immense benefits at any time of the year.


  1. The benefits of kayaking
  2. Kayaking tips for the winter
  3. The 3 best trails to discover in winter

Benefits of kayaking

  1. Improves Cardiovascular Fitness;
  2. Increases muscular strength, mainly back, arms, shoulders, chest, and abdominal;
  3. Tonifies the upper body;
  4. Reduced risk of joint and tissue wear;
  5. Calms the mind;
  6. Provides a pleasant tour.
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4 tips for kayaking in winter

We are going to leave you here with some very important tips so that you can make the best and safest use of a kayak trip in winter.

1. Choose the best spot

Choosing the most suitable place to kayak is always very important, but in winter it becomes even more important. It is necessary to take into account several factors that may influence the safety and beauty of the place.

To choose the most suitable place, you should:

  • Research the tides in the region;
  • Look for trips in calm waters;
  • Pay attention to the rocks around you and the danger they may or may not cause;
  • Pay attention to the number of people frequenting the place;
  • Get advice from a professional who knows the place well. 

2. Choose the best equipment

To kayak, you need to equip yourself, but the equipment varies depending on the season. For example, in summer you essentially need a swimsuit, a buoyancy waistcoat, some sunglasses, and, of course, a good layer of sunscreen.

In winter, you will need to reinforce your equipment with something that protects you from the cold, for example:

  • neoprene suit;
  • A thermal top;
  • A windbreaker with a hood;
  • neoprene shoes
  • gloves
  • A buoyancy waistcoat.

This is basic and essential equipment for kayaking in winter.

3. Avoid going alone

We advise you to take a trip with more people. If you don’t know the area properly, you may get lost.

In winter, the tides tend to be stronger, so if you’re accompanied, it won’t be as tiring for you, you’ll have company, more laughs, and a lot more fun. Don’t go alone!

group kayak lessons

4. Take pictures

The kayak tour provides the visibility of much natural beauty! Take a water camera. Stop along the way, contemplate the beauty of nature in winter, and take some photos so that you can have memories of those good moments!

This is also a way of enjoying the moment more, as the purpose of kayaking is not to be constantly paddling, but to enjoy the ride!

If you want to enjoy the ride to the fullest and not get so tired, we advise you to go with a professional!

Kayaking in winter in Portugal: the 3 best trails

Rio Paiva Trail

The Paiva river is 111.5 km long. It starts in the mountains Leomil, in the parish of Pera Velha and flows into the Douro, in Castelo de Paiva. This river is located about 1h and 30 min from Porto.

In this river, you have a good variety of trails to practice kayak, some easier than others.

The Paradinha – Areinho route is a good one to do in winter. It has a lovely natural view, is calm, and is only 2,5 km long.

Peneda-Gerês National Park

Even further north of Portugal, we find the natural park Peneda-Gerês. This natural park has about 69.594,48 ha.

The water trail of Albufeira da Caniçada is an ideal place to go kayaking in winter. The waters are calm, and you can choose how far you want to go. Don’t forget to check in advance all the safety rules stipulated by the park.

Adventure yourself on this unique tour with unique landscapes.

albufeira beach

Kayaking in Albufeira

The coast of Albufeira in the Algarve is known for having a large coastline, surrounded by many beaches and rock formations with a golden colour.

On this coast in the south of Portugal, you can choose short trails or long trails, it will depend on your wishes. Plan your route carefully in advance. Maybe you should even ask a professional in the area, so you can choose the right trail for you! 

Adventure yourself and get to know this magnificent Algarvian coast!

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