9 Benefits of Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddle (SUP) is a complete sport that allows you to work on your posture, body and mind while enjoying the pleasure of gliding across the water. As well as being relatively easy, SUP will certainly allow you to meet new people.

Here are 9 good reasons to practise this sport:

1) It’s good for your mental health

The first benefit most people would think of would be the physical one. Yes, that’s true and it certainly has its place on this list, but the mental benefits are enormous.

The profoundly positive effect of being outdoors and connecting with nature acts as a major mental health benefit. In fact, this is true of most outdoor activities, but combined with the concentration levels and therapeutic effect of water, it’s even better.

Good for your health

There are many health benefits beyond the mental part. Just being outdoors and giving your body the chance to absorb vitamin D will strengthen your immune system.

However, physical exercise should not be underestimated. Try standing on a sup board and then gliding through the water using just a paddle. Perhaps just thinking about it makes you realise how difficult it can be! Balancing on a board on top of the water requires a full body effort. You’ll need to use your glutes, abs, quadriceps and other stabilising muscles to avoid falling into the water.

You’ll need to use your upper body and rotator muscles to propel yourself through the water. Of course, even though your arms move the sup, it’s your shoulders, back and hips that give it the power to go the distance. The twisting movement of the paddle from side to side and then back again facilitates symmetrical muscle development and strengthens the abdominals. It’s a full-body workout, outdoors and a lot of fun.

It’s a non-traumatic joint activity, which means that even if your joints are weak, doing sup will help keep you fit and flexible. Don’t risk wearing out your joints and tissues, go rowing.

It’s a complete physical activity

If you’ve never done a sup before, get ready for one of the best abdominal exercises you can get in an outdoor sport. To maintain balance while rowing, the body engages all the abdominal muscles. Standing while rowing is an activity that doesn’t strain your back, as long as you’re in the right position.

Here are some tips for maintaining your posture:

  1. Stand straight;
  2. Lean your upper body forwards;
  3. Plunge the paddle in as far as possible (without it being painful);
  4. Adjust the length of your paddle, neither too long nor too short.

Get close to nature

The truth is that it’s hard to realise how much time we spend in front of our screens (smartphone, computer, tablet, television). Consequently, we also unconsciously influence our children. It is therefore extremely beneficial to get out and reconnect with our environment.

This dependence on technology has created a gap between us and our natural existence. That’s why it’s particularly nice to be immersed in nature.

If you’re a nature lover and want to see it in a different way, learn to paddle. Stand up paddle boarding allows you to be literally and figuratively immersed in nature. With a stand up paddle board you have the opportunity to experience the ebb and flow of rivers, lakes and oceans. First you’ll reconnect and then your sensitivity to environmental issues will increase. It will certainly make you a better person.

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Good for balance

There’s a reason paddle boards are long! If you’ve ever tried surfing, you’ll know that standing up on a board is very difficult and takes a lot of practice. That’s why surfboards for beginners are much bigger than the ones a professional would use.

The bigger the surface, the more stable it is and the easier it will be to stand up without falling off. That said, as a beginner, even on the largest inflatable sup board, you can expect to get wet several times before your body and mind get in tune.

However, when the balance comes, it’s like riding a bike and the sensation is exhilarating.

Allows you to relax

Stand up paddle is good advice for anxious and emotional people. Stand up paddleboarding can also have a slight antidepressant effect in many ways, and mainly through photosensitisation.

Ask a surfer and they’ll tell you that there’s something indescribable about the hypnosis triggered by moving water. Surfing and paddling offer the same sensation and experience at this level.

Stand up paddleboarding opens up a world of new possibilities on the water. Want to get some exercise? Stand up paddle boarding is great for increasing muscular endurance and now entire yoga classes are held on the boards.

If your version of relaxation involves action, try doing yoga on a stand up paddle board. Your body and mind must work together to perform the poses and stay dry. It’s an exercise in awareness and attention not to be missed.

It’s a cheap sport

Ao contrário da maioria dos outros desportos aquáticos, não precisas gastar muito dinheiro para te iniciares no stand up paddle. Graças à crescente popularidade do sup nos últimos anos, as pranchas estão mais acessíveis do que nunca. Com cerca de 300 euros consegues estar equipado e pronto para ir. Caso não queiras fazer esse investimento sem primeiro experimentares, podes alugar o equipamento ou até mesmo ir num tour guiado para perceber primeiro a dinâmica.

A prancha insuflável é um SUP que consegues encher e vazar e é muito compacto para colocar no porta-bagagens do teu carro.

Unlike most other water sports, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started with stand up paddle boarding. Thanks to the growing popularity of SUP in recent years, boards are more affordable than ever. For around 300 euros you can be equipped and ready to go. If you don’t want to make that investment without trying it out first, you can rent the equipment or even go on a guided tour to get a feel for the dynamics.

The inflatable board is a SUP that you can inflate and deflate and is very compact to put in the boot of your car.

There are variations of stand up paddle

One of the amazing things about stand up paddle is that it can be adapted to any preference.
From rough rivers and seas to calm lakes, from surfing waves to small whirlpools on the coast, only the sky’s the limit. The range of possibilities is very wide. You choose!

One of the great advantages of sup is that you can paddle to hard-to-reach areas, explore new coastlines and go on epic water rides. Let your imagination soar and paddle towards them. If you’re looking for adventure in the sea, then Touring boards will give you the best ride in the ocean.

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Creates social bonds

Anyone who takes part in this sport will tell you that it’s fun and makes them happier. That joy and happiness only grows when you share the experience with friends and family.

The freedom and thrill of adventure, combined with the camaraderie and bonding that you and your loved ones experience, is priceless. Stand up paddle gives you and your group the opportunity to transport to unique environments and experiences that your circle will remember and talk about for years to come.

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