3-Day Itinerary for an Adventure Holiday in the Algarve

Are you coming to the Algarve and looking for a different holiday with more adventure and adrenaline? Do you want to have fun and practice extreme sports? If so, then this 3-day itinerary for an Extreme Holiday in the Algarve will please you!

Extreme holidays in the Algarve

Beaches, cliffs and adventure are your passion and you are wondering what you can see and do during an extreme 3-day holiday in the Algarve? In this region of southern Portugal, you can discover wonderful corners that remain engraved in your mind and do very fun and radical activities even on a short vacation or a weekend getaway!

Plan Your Trip

To be able to enjoy your mini vacation, you need to organize your trip well, including: 

  • Choose the region you want to stay in;
  • Book accommodation (we recommend as close to the beach as possible, especially if you are not going to rent a car);
  • Choose your means of transport carefully;
  • Faster roads / Direct / or interspersed flights;
  • Pay attention to the duration of the trip;
  • Based on the points above, plan your departure time carefully;
  • Make appointments in advance for everything.

Plan everything very well so that on the 1st day you can arrive as early as possible, and have everything already planned and scheduled, this way you will be sure that the 3 days will be well spent.

1st Day of an Extreme Holiday in the Algarve

As soon as you arrive, you should go straight to the accommodation, unload all your things, put on light clothes and a bathing suit. Don’t forget to always carry a towel and sunscreen with you!

Start by going for a walk, getting to know the region where you are staying, visiting the nearest beach and stopping for lunch, perhaps seafood or typical Algarve food. Try not to eat something very strong, such as a “Cataplana”, we advise you to leave these dishes for dinner.

Activity 1

To start your extreme vacation, you can choose to practice a “lighter” and water sport to get used to the sea.

And how about trying SUP or Kayaking, whichever you prefer.

Start by choosing a trail for kayaking or SUP that you like, something that can delight you. These types of tours are known for being very fun, adventurous, for providing unique mental relaxation and also for access to stunning caves (for example, Benagil), they are unforgettable tours!

After the 1st Activity you will probably be tired, so we advise you to rest, go to the beach and enjoy the rest of the day to relax, enjoy a good dinner and rest, as there will be more the next day.

Day 2 – Radical Holidays in the Algarve

On the 2nd day, try to plan to wake up early to enjoy a good breakfast because you will need that energy for what comes next!

Activity 2

And how about a swim first thing in the morning? We are not talking about a simple swim at the beach or pool, but about Snorkeling, a simple, easy to practice and very enjoyable activity.

If you prefer something more terrestrial in the morning, we recommend a walk along the trails that the Algarve beaches provide, with enchanting views and still an adventure. For example, the Trilho dos 7 Vales Suspensos or the Passadiços do Alvor.

Activity 3

After the morning activity and lunch, how about something more radical? Let’s explore new sensations, a mix of fear, overcoming, adrenaline, and fun.

Vamos Praticar Coasteering

Let’s practice Coasteering


This sport has existed for a relatively short time in Portugal and consists of progressing along the coastline, using various sports such as:

  • Climbing;
  • Rappel;
  • Slide;
  • Speleology;
  • Walk;
  • Swimming;
  • and Jumping into the water.

It is undoubtedly an activity that fits perfectly into this Itinerary. In fact, the Algarve is in the top 6 of the best places to do Cliff Jumping.

If it seems too radical, don’t worry, you will have professionals with you who before and during the activity will help you understand what to do, how to do it, and you will be well equipped. All training and preparation is provided to you by the agency.

Definitely an activity not to be missed.

After trying coasteering, how about balancing it out with something more relaxing? For example, after a good shower and a good dinner, go to a bar, drink something and enjoy a beautiful sunset or even a busy night at a club, with lots of dancing and fun. Enjoy the night your way, whatever you feel like doing!

3rd Day of Holidays in the Algarve

Neste 3º e último dia de umas férias radicais no Algarve, já só iniciamos às atividades a seguir ao almoço.

Activity 4

We believe that this activity is the most desired, especially because when you talk about something radical you can’t help but think about Surfing.

Who has never been curious about experiencing the adrenaline and connection with the sea that surfers say they have? If you have, then this is the perfect opportunity!

Surfing is something that takes time to learn. The training ranges from learning how to choose the best wetsuit for surfing  to learning how to surf.

For that same reason, you most likely won’t start surfing seriously in just one day, but it will be a very fun experience, with a lot of adrenaline, lots of laughs and competition.

This activity depends on the weather and tides, so book your class in advance in case it doesn’t take place on the 3rd day and you can reschedule for one of the other 3 days.

This activity lasts 2 hours, but if you like it and want to continue practicing, just rent the board and the suit

So we put an end to extreme activities, end your last day with a nice walk around the city and treat yourself to a good dinner.

These are the 4 activities we suggest for your 3-Day Itinerary for an Extreme Holiday in the Algarve. But these are just ideas, there is much more you can discover and do.

Adapt this itinerary to you and, above all, have fun and have adventures!

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