6 useful tips for beginner surfers

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Surfing is easier than you think. Our team at Albufeira surf & sup are always here to guide you and give our best tips for surfing. Here are some of our recommendations and tips for beginners who would like to start surfing:

- An important safety measure is to never stand behind a surfer on the water as it might cause a collision

- When you paddle, start paddling when the force of the wave pushes you forward and continue to paddle stronger when the wave hits the end of your surfing board

- When standing on the board while catching a wave, keep your head up straight and your sight in the direction you would like to go (towards the beach).

- Keep your weight in the center of the board, a common mistake is to lean too much on the back leg making the nose of the board lift up which slows down the speed.

- To steer the board, keep looking in the direction you would like to go, lean on the side of the board with your heels and toes to steer towards the desired direction.

We hope you find these tips useful & feel motivated to join our surf classes!