Surf Slang

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The whole world of surfing is a unique experience.

Catching the first wave, the contact with the sea, the feeling of freedom ... Unique is also the slang of surfers, the terms and words used. For those who have already entered this world or for those who intend to do so, here are some words from surfers and their meanings:

"Aloha" hello or bye, before it turned into a greeting was used to demonstrate peace and compassion;

Brother (BrĂ´) is one of the ways surfers call themselves;

Drop, go down the wave to surf the wall or go straight in the foam after breaking;

Flat, when the sea is completely flat, when it looks like a lake;

Lay day, the famous and not very pleasant day without waves;

Take off is the basic manoeuvre to catch the wave and stand. This is the fundamental step to start surfing, following the curves of the wave.

Were you curious? Surfing is a real discovery for life.