Surf classes in Albufeira - what you need to know

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Galé beach in Albufeira offers perfect conditions for learning how to surf. The waves here are low and the beach soft and sandy. Many people ask what you need in order to prepare for your first class so here is a little summary:

What to bring? Bring beach wear (shorts, bikini, bathing suit and a towel). Sunscreen is also very important. Feel free to bring additional things, you can always store them in our stand.

How to prepare? Have a proper meal 2 hours before your surf session, make sure to get enough hydration and avoid alcoholic drinks.

What do we provide? We provide all the equipment; wet suit and a surfing board according to your size and needs.

How are the classes? The class starts with a small warm-up. Then our friendly surf teacher will show you how to get up on the board. After a small practice in the water we will return to the beach for additional instructions on how to stand-up on the board. You will then get to practice in the water. Most beginners are able to stand up in their first class.

After the class you are welcome to hang out at our new surf café and to re-fuel energy with healthy food and drinks.