Benagil cave tour & visit from Albufeira - things to know

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Benagil cave is a popular sight in the Algarve and rightfully so. A spectacular cave shaped as a dome with a big hole at the top letting in magical light. This cave has been featured in top destination lists and “places you have to see”. You can visit Benagil caves by joining a tour or on your own - here is what you need to know.

Visit Benagil cave on your own

Access the Benagil cave by driving to the Benagil car park, from there walk down to the beach. The cave is on the left side of the beach and it takes about 5-15 minutes to swim there depending on the waves and currents. Always bring a life vest and/or a floating device, you can rent wet suits and life vests from us, just contact us to pick up the gear.

Benagil cave tour from Albufeira

We recommend a guided tour if you are looking for a safe way to explore the Benagil cave.

In this tour you will get to explore the Benagil cave at its very best with almost no crowd and the most beautiful lighting. We leave early in the morning to avoid the massive crowds. Transportation and equipment is all taken care of, making it an easy experience for you.

In addition, you will get to explore other breathtaking cliffs, caves and hidden gems along the coastline.

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