Why Albufeira is the best spot to learn surf

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If you are visiting or living here in Portugal and want to start surfing, you have to consider Albufeira as a fantastic place to catch some waves. For those who are still discovering the fascination of sport, this area has sandy beaches with no rocky seabed, with the widest swell window in the country, with favorable SE wind waves being safe for beginners.

The choice of the beach will depend on the weather and sea conditions. In the winter, the waves tend to be bigger than in the summer, generally coming from the north-west direction and breaking until reaching the south coast, making the flat beaches here more consistent.

Even though it is still unknown to foreign visitors, experienced surfers like to be around the strongest waves, but it is especially for those who want to learn to surf that this place is ideal for standing on the board and catching the first waves.

You will certainly know the most beautiful places on the south coast away from the tourist areas and this practice can be done throughout the year due to the great climatic conditions that this region has to learn to dominate all the waves that are waiting for you in Albufeira!